Aug. 21 Asahi Shimbun editorial

(I’m reposting part of my Nov. 9 post in English.)

IUT was featured in an editorial in the Asahi Shimbun.

(社説)数学の難問 その先に新しい世界が:朝日新聞デジタル

I wrote earlier that the paper “proved” it, but in fact, even nine years after its publication, it has yet to be accepted by many mathematicians around the world. This is because it is too difficult to understand, and it will take many more years for it to be widely accepted.

The same was the case with Einstein’s theory of relativity. But now everyone knows its name, and it plays an important role in smartphones and GPS satellites used in car navigation systems. Mochizuki’s theory may also become an indispensable part of our daily lives in the distant future.

This newspaper continues to be optimistic in its tone. It is not that it is unacceptable because it is difficult to understand, but several mathematicians have specifically pointed out that there is a gap in “Corollary 3.12”. Mochizuki refutes these criticisms by saying that “they misunderstand the IUT at an elementary level,” but he does not publish his refutation in the form of a peer-reviewed paper.

I don’t think it contributes to science to just “dream about the future” by taking anything and everything about various research without considering its validity and value. Didn’t the media learn the danger of jumping on the “dream” bandwagon after the STAP cell scandal?