June 2, 2024, “New theory for proving ABC conjecture? Mochizuki kicks out ‘the author is ignorant’, confusion deepens”, on Asahi Shimbun

A new article appeared in the Asahi Shimbun. (In Japan, currently only the Asahi’s newsperson Tetsuya Ishikura regularly reports on developments in the abc conjecture and Mochizuki’s theory. He simply seems to be someone who is happy to see ‘heroes’ in the scientific world, and apparently has little interest in whether a person or his/her achievements are real or fake. Ewww.)

This is a paid article, but there is a gift system that allows paid subscribers of “Asahi Shimbun Digital” to make articles available to non-members for free, and several subscribers have given this article to us. So it seems we can read it for free for a few more days.

The content is similar to what you can find in the post I made in April.

The article is mainly about the reaction of Mochizuki and Scholze et al. to Kirti Joshi’s paper in March.

The article says “It was the appearance of Kirti Joshi, Associate Professor at the University of Arizona, USA, that seemed to shed light on the problem” etc. I am disgusted that Ishikura always write in such an overly dramatic manner. In fact, few people thought Joshi could solve this problem.

Anyway, thanks to the publication of this article, access to my post in April increased by about 102 times the usual amount since yesterday. I have seen feedbacks from twitter users who read my posts, saying that it was the first time they had heard of an unhealthy situation happening around IUT. Thanks to everyone who read them. 🫡